Dreaming about your next holiday? Have you thought about the the town of Lucca? An architectural wonder in the region of Tuscany, Italy.

We think you'll love staying in our stylish, well-appointed apartment with lots of historical character, up to date facilities and uncompromising Italian charm.

Lucca is a wonderfully preserved medieval town blissfully cut off from the rest of the world by it's extraordinary walls. If delicious food, fine local wines and a relaxed atmosphere are the antidote for a perfect holiday then this town offers it generously in beautiful surroundings and an easy going lifestyle. Lucca pleasantly assaults all your senses.... slows everything down.... and gives you time to soak up the atmosphere of this hidden gem. It's the perfect base for exploring the culturally rich region of Tuscany. Discover Pisa's leaning tower, Florence's art, Montecatini's thermal springs and the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, all a stones throw from this magnificent town.